Aaron Cirksena

“Don’t put off living your dream retirement due to fear or anxiety, because eventually your ‘dream retirement’ may have passed you by.”

After seeing members of his family get bad financial advice in retirement that caused the loss of money and dreams to be put on hold, Aaron devoted his career to helping others avoid this struggle. He focuses on helping people take proper actions before it becomes too late in life to enjoy a full retirement.

Aaron knows that with retirement planning comes the potential for anxiety, as people have concerns about their money lasting the rest of their lives. His goal is to help address those anxieties and to provide planning strategies and options that help them achieve a more comfortable retirement mindset.

Aaron is a 2011 graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, where he studied economics. Since then, he has devoted his entire career to financial planning, distribution planning and managing client money. He first worked with multiple $1 billion teams at Morgan Stanley and independent firms, and eventually created his own independent services firm in MDRN Capital.

Aaron was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland. Away from the office, he enjoys time on the open water, having a beer on a boat with his friends. He also enjoys golf and traveling with his family — including their two bulldogs. Aaron directly credits his success to his wife Dionis.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere without my wife, Dionis, as she is the rock for our whole family,” says Aaron. “Everything that she does for our family is what allows me to do what I do for our clients. My stepson, Camden, and stepdaughter, Ellie, gave me the greatest gift of my life, which is getting to be a father to both of them.”

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