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Aaron Cirksena

Founder and CEO

Josh Maly


Will Cirksena

Lead Advisor

Matthew Taub

senior financial advisor

Josh Johnson

senior financial advisor

Jim Tassoni

senior financial advisor

Ryan Gray

Financial Advisor

Jeremy Jones

Financial Advisor

Andrew Zuch

Financial Advisor

Keith Beggs

Financial Advisor

Lee Hyde

Financial Advisor

Tyler Bosch

Retirement Specialist

Matthew Idoux, CFP®

financial advisor

Matthew Leddy

financial advisor

Jordan Grow

financial advisor

Jonathan Leonard

Medicare specialist

Renee Maly

New Client Concierge

Marissa Brink

Client Service Associate

Strategic Partners

Christopher Winans

Tax Planning

Tucker Hargrove

Estate Planning

Michael Cook

President NGB Financial

Paul Metzler

Communications Director - NGB Financial

Kip Hertzenberg

Hertzenberg Financial LLC President

Paul Nick

CEO - South Texas Financial Group

John Lipka

CEO/Founder of Lipka Retirement

Matthew Eilers

CEO of Medalist Wealth Management

Zack Seidman

CEO Phase Line Financial

Tony Gomes

CEO of Advanced Wealth Management

Barry Goldwater

Principal and Founder of Goldwater Financial Group

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