Matthew Taub

Matthew Taub specializes in helping Americans financially prepare for retirement with the proper use of annuities. His goal is to help ensure that clients don’t run out of income in retirement and are better financially prepared to withstand any future market downturns.

“Retirees deserve someone who is punctual and responsive, who is empathetic, and who can act impartially and professionally to provide them with the best objective result,” Matthew said. “I’m motivated by the principle, ‘If you will it, it is no dream.’ With this in mind, I focus on providing sound advice to help my clients retire safely and confidently.”

Matthew transitioned into the financial services industry after practicing law for six years. He earned a bachelor’s degree from American University and a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School. He spent a large part of his career administering and servicing 401(k) plans across the United States. Speaking in group presentations and one-on-one meetings with employees in 401(k) plans, he quickly realized there was a high demand for financial education about how to maximize savings and make money last. He learned that the majority of retirees (or near-retirees) usually have their nest egg in a workplace retirement plan, plus some equity in their home (and maybe a few other investments here or there) but received little guidance on how to translate that into a comfortable lifestyle.

While Matthew currently lives in Ohio, technology allows him to meet “face-to-face” virtually online with clients across the county, which helps him maintain a personal connection and provide immediate feedback to client questions or concerns. “I do my best to take the mystery out of annuities by answering some of the most-asked questions in a simple, personalized way.”

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys bike riding, playing soccer with friends, grilling on his backyard deck (especially when his wife invites friends over for dinner), live music and watching football.

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