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Will Cirksena

“Having all your retirement funds exposed in the market to stocks and bonds can be the biggest risk you can take in retirement. You need to have a plan that addresses both risk and, specifically, when and where your income in retirement is going to come from that doesn’t leave things fully exposed to market volatility.”

Will and Aaron both saw similar concerns for their family in retirement until they decided to help their parents put a plan in place that would protect their assets and provide them the income they needed in retirement.

Will graduated from Franklin & Marshall College in 2003, where he studied business administration. He then joined the corporate world, starting out by learning how to run and operate his own business. From there, he established the importance of what you do today only goes so far, but planning for the future is that much more impactful. He then moved on to manage clients of all spectrums that truly enabled him to understand how not every person’s financial positioning and goals can be planned the same. From there, he decided to join forces with his brother, Aaron, to provide independent financial services, with the goal of leaving nothing at risk for their clients.

Will lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife Ursula and their three dogs, Bodhi, Behr, and Maui, with whom they love spending all their time. Together, their hobbies include traveling to new destinations, hiking, cycling and home projects. Favorite places they have been to include the British Virgin Islands, Yellowstone National Park, Belize, Charleston and Tulum. Will also has a passion for cars and motorcycles, whether it’s attending a track day, going for a weekend drive, or watching Formula 1 cheering on his favorite team.

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