Josh Johnson

Growing up in an investment office, Josh Johnson was interested in investing and financial planning from a young age. He had the opportunity to learn from his parents about sound financial planning from the start of his career. He loves creating plans tailored to clients’ goals and helping people transition to the next step of their financial lives.

Josh understands that retirement planning is not only critical but can also be overwhelming as people need their savings to last their whole lives without jeopardizing their lifestyle. He focuses on the individual needs, wants and dreams to find a quality solution that is straightforward and helps put retirees at ease about their financial future.

Josh is a 2010 graduate of Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois, where he studied business administration. He began his career with Wells Fargo Advisors as a financial advisor and worked with a team that managed $13 billion in assets, collaborating with some of the brightest minds in finance. He then took a role as VP of Investments with Regions Investment Services and now is partnering with MDRN Capital as a financial advisor bringing strategy and planning solutions directly to clients.

Josh was born and raised in Centralia, Illinois, and spent quite a bit of time in California throughout his childhood. Josh was a four-sport athlete in college and plays competitive golf to this day. He is also very big into fitness, boating, church, and catching days down at the beach or local tiki bar as he now resides in Florida.

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