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Matthew Leddy

Growing up surrounded by traditional business owners Matt learned the value of hard work at a young age. He learned the importance of taking care of family and loved ones, and those lessons have stuck with him in not just his personal life, but in how he professionally serves others as well.

Matt always had a keen interest in numbers, and that led him to pursue his undergraduate degree in Finance studying at both Ohio University and Bowling Green State University. It was during this time in college Matt started a real estate business allowing him to graduate debt-free. Between the lessons of running a profitable business and learning the value of cashflow Matt entered the professional space eager to help others be financially successful.

What began as a job in banking quickly evolved into a nationally awarded advisory career serving clients as they navigated the financial crisis of 2009. It was at this point that he realized the disparity in the services offered to the everyday retiree. Over the following years Matt began focusing his career on helping all retirees get the proper service they need to retire with confidence.

Matt resides in Findlay, OH with his wife Stephanie and three young children: Mary, John, & Peter. He enjoys life and devotes time to his wife, church, travelling, expanding business networks, being outdoors, volunteering, and impromptu adventures with his kids.

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